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(within the USA)

  • Macao - September 11, 2023

    Macao Post, the People’s Republic of China’s designated operator for Macao, has advised that a typhoon warning was put into effect on Sept. 1. All postal services have been suspended until further notice.

  • Greece - September 7, 2023

    Hellenic Post Office of Greece have informed us that the GR territory has been hit by heavy rainstorms, flooding and landslides. This has effected many areas of the country, especially in Central and Northern Greece impacting on the transport and delivery of all mail types. Delays are to be expected during this period.

  • Niger - September 1, 2023

    Niger Post has informed that due to the temporary closure of land and air borders since August 6th they have suspended all postal operations inbound and outbound and declared a force majeure. As a result the service is suspended until further notice and any items already in the pipeline will be returned to sender.

  • Hong Kong - September 1, 2023

    Hong Kong Post have informed that Tropical cyclone warning signal (Saola) is declared on the 1st September. The processing, and transit of all mail types will be effected during this period. The impact is expected to last at least a week here and a force majeure has been declared until the 7th September.

  • Canada - August 23, 2023

    Canada Post have advised that unprecedented wildfires are currently raging across the North West and British Columbia forcing a number of relocations. A state of emergency has been declared and delays are to be expected in these areas until further notice.

  • Norway - August 14, 2023

    Norway Post have informed that extreme weather has been ravaging central and southern parts of Norway since earlier in the week. Heavy rainfall, flooding and landslides have caused road closures and affected infrastructure. As a result delays are to be expected until further notice.

  • Slovenia - August 9, 2023

    Slovenia’s post has advised that several areas of the country, particularly in the north and north-east, are currently in a state of emergency due to heavy rainfall and flooding. Some places are inaccessible, and many roads are impassable. Among the facilities affected by the flash floods are post offices, which will be closed in some places until the situation improves. Delivery of parcel-post items is being suspended or adapted to the conditions in the flooded areas.

  • Malawi - August 2, 2023

    Malawi Post have advised that the situation has improved and mail processing has resumed. We are awaiting official confirmation that the local force majeure has been lifted.

  • Sudan - July 27, 2023

    Sudan’s post advises that due to ongoing conflict in the country it suspended all postal services with other Universal Postal Union member countries. The post is working to put in place an alternative office of exchange.

  • Canada - July 26, 2023

    Canada Post advises that Nova Scotia has experienced relentless rainfall, leading to catastrophic flooding. This situation is affecting processing and delivery of all mail items in the entire province.

  • Italy - July 24, 2023

    Poste Italiane have informed us that due to a fire at the Catania airport the location has had to close temporarily. As a result delays are to be expected for postal items to and from the below areas during this time until the airport can resume operation: Agrigento: 92xxx Caltanissetta: 93xxx Catania: 95xxx Enna: 94xxx Messina: 98xxx Palermo: 90xxx Ragusa: 97xxx Syracuse: 96xxx Trapani: 91xxx

  • Italy - July 18, 2023

    Poste Italiane have informed us that due to the continuation of Trade Union agitation locally and operational issues this is causing it will not be possible to guarantee delivery times for items for the following cities and provinces of Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Modena. Disruption is therefore expected and delays are likely to be observed.

  • Italy - July 10, 2023

    Poste Italiane have informed us that an 8 hour strike has been called for the 15th July by all major unions including airport handlers. Disruption is therefore expected and delays are likely to be observed during and immediately after the strike.

  • Italy - June 23, 2023

    Poste Italiane, an update on postal operations following severe flooding in the Emilia Romagna and Marche regions. Postal services were restored in the following postcode areas of the Emilia Romagna and Marche regions on 25 May 2023: 40010, 40011, 40012, 40013, 40015, 40016, 40018, 40021, 40023, 40024, 40026, 40027, 40033, 40051, 40052, 40053, 40055, 40056, 40057, 40060, 40061, 40062, 40064, 40065, 40066, 40068, 40069, 40127, 40131, 40132, 40133, 40134, 40135, 40136, 40137, 40138, 40139, 40141, 41012, 41013, 41016, 41017, 41018, 41019, 41030, 41031, 41034, 41035, 41038, 41042, 41049, 41057, 47011, 47013, 47015, 47016, 47017, 47021, 47025, 47027, 47028, 47030, 47032, 47034, 47035, 47039, 47042, 47043, 47521, 47832, 47833, 47834, 47836, 47837, 47838, 47841, 47842, 47843, 47853, 47854, 47855, 47921, 47922, 47923, 47924, 48011, 48012, 48014, 48015, 48022, 48024, 48025, 48026, 48027, 48031, 48032, 48033, 48034, 48121, 48122, 48125, 61010 and 61020. Postal services were restored in the following postcode areas of Emilia Romagna on 30 May 2023: 40020, 40022, 40025, 40037, 40043, 40050, 40054, 40059, 41023, 41028, 41048, 47019, 47020, 47522, 47835, 47861, 47866, 48017, 48020, 48123 and 48124. Postal services have not yet been restored in the following postcode areas of Emilia Romagna: 47010, 47012, 47014, 47018, 47121, 47122, 48013 and 48018.

  • Philippines - June 1, 2023

    Philpost have informed us that a fire has resulted in significant damage to the Central Manila Post Office. The Office of Exchange is unaffected and will remain open and operational. Delays are expected for all items sent to Manila throughout this period.

  • Italy - May, 23, 2023

    Poste Italiane have informed that a climatic event affecting the Emilia Romagna and Marche regions will effect collection and delivery. There are no collections or deliveries in Forli currently and issues in the following regions are being reported - Ancona, Bologna, Cesena, Ravenna, Faenza, Modena and Pesaro Urbino. Further updates on this issue can be found on the Poste Italiane website.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo - May 23, 2023

    The Democratic Republic of Congo Postal Service have informed that floods occured in Kalehe in the East of the country which has resulted in infrastructure damages. Delays are to expected throughout this period.

  • Israel - May 12, 2023

    Israeli Post have advised that interruptions and delays in the distribution of all mail types may be experienced in the South of the country due to an ongoing security situation.

  • Norway - April 20, 2023

    Postnord have advised us that a national strike began on the 17th April. The strike will affect delivery and delays are to be expected during this period.

  • Canada - April 7, 2023

    Due to severe snow and freezing rain, mail delivery operations were affected in multiple regions of Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday and Thursday, April 5-6. Power outages are still impacting over 1 million people, half of them being in the greater Montreal area, where more than 30 millimetres of freezing rain and ice pellets fell. The outage also impacted all cargo sheds at the Montreal Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport where outbound and inbound mail for and from several flights was not lifted or picked up. Hydro services are hoping that the situation will be resolved by EOD Friday.

  • Peru - April 4, 2023

    Peruvian Post has informed that the civil unrest and protests have now ceased. Delays may still be experienced during the period of recovery and associated activities.

  • Malawi - March 20, 2023

    Malawi Post have advised that Cyclone Freddy has hit the Southern Region with very strong winds, floods and landslides. Many businesses have closed and infrastructure has been severely affected. A situation of force majeure has been declared and delays are to be expected throughout this period.

  • Greece - March 15, 2023

    The Hellenic Post Office Greece have informed us that the Association of Civil Servants has called a strike on the 16th March for 24 hours. Air Traffic controllers will also take part in this. Delays are likely to be experienced during this period.

  • Italy - March 14, 2023

    Poste Italiane have informed us that a 24 hour strike has been called for the 17th March by Unions of the Airport Handlers and all other Airport personnel. Disruption is expected and delays are likely to be observed during and immediately after the strike.

  • Vanuatu - March 9, 2023

    Vanuatu Post have advised that a State of Emergency has been declared for the whole country in the wake of two cyclones which have struck the country. The state of emergency is expected to last for at least 6 months. Postal operations will continue throughout by delays should be expected.

  • Belgium - March 9, 2023

    Belgian Post have advised that Belgian Unions have called a 24 hour strike on Friday 10th March 2023. Delays are likely to be experienced during this period.

  • Mauritius - February 27, 2023

    Mauritius Post advises the nation has experienced impacts from a tropical cyclone. The international airport was temporarily closed. Transportation and processing of all inbound and outbound mail are affected, resulting in delays in mail delivery across the country.

  • New Zealand - February 16, 2023

    New Zealand Post advises that a national state of emergency has been declared in response to Cyclone Gabrielle. There are impacts to its operations in areas battered by the storm. This includes suspension of all deliveries in red alert areas, suspension of air network operations and suspension of all line haul services to the Far North, Gisborne and Coromandel areas.

  • Finland - February 16, 2023

    Finnish Post have advised us that the Transport Workers Union (AKT) and the Postal and Logistics Union (PAU) have announced a series of strikes scheduled for February 15-21. As a result delays are likely during this period.

  • Turkey - February 9, 2023

    Turkey’s post advises there are major impacts to its operations following devastating earthquakes that struck southern and southeastern regions of the country on February 6, causing buildings to collapse and disrupting transport and travel. The government has declared a state of emergency. The post says the disaster will affect quality of service for all types of inbound mail. As a result, service delivery standards cannot be guaranteed and delays are likely in the affected areas.

  • Greece - February 8, 2023

    The Greek Postal service have advised us that their operation has been heavily impacted by snowstorms. Their main office of exchange has been blocked which will affect international mail operations. Delays are to be expected

  • Thailand - February 2, 2023

    Thai Post has informed that the rain in the Southern part of Thailand has now ceased. All postal operations have resumed as normal.

  • New Zealand - February 2, 2023

    New Zealand Post advises that torrential rain across the Auckland region has caused widespread flooding. The severe weather conditions are affecting delivery and collection of all mail items. A state of local emergency is in effect for the Auckland region through Feb. 4.

  • Germany - February 2, 2023

    Deutsche Post of Germany has informed that due to increasing COVID-19 infections among staff, it is currently encountering challenges in delivering items within promised delivery timescales. These challenges are mainly at local or regional levels rather than nationwide but may affect different parts of Germany with delays. As a result, minor delays may be experienced for items destined for Germany until further notice. & Deutsche Post have advised of some localized Industrial Action which may result in delays to delivery.

  • Peru - January 26, 2023

    Peru’s post advises there could be disruptions to postal service (both inbound and outbound) due to civil unrest and protests in the country. The unrest has affected transportation and access to certain areas of the country, making it difficult to ensure timely delivery of mail.

  • Malaysia - January 19, 2023

    Post Malaysia has updated that the impacts of the heavy rainfall have now ceased. All operations within Post Malaysia have now resumed.

  • Macao - January 19, 2023

    Macao Post have advised that the situation regarding Coronavirus has improved and postal operations have returned to normal.

  • Israel - January 9, 2023

    Israeli Post has updated that Covid-19 health restrictions are still in place and will continue to affect the processing and delivery of items until further notice. and Israel Post has informed that due to a planned Customs system update on the 15th of January 2023, the customs systems will not be operational from the 12th of January 2023 to the 15th of January 2023. As a result, delays may be experienced for items destined for Israel during this period.

  • Malaysia - January 6, 2023

    Malaysian Post has informed that that the country is experiencing heavy rain and widespread flooding. The postal network has been severely impacted with some post offices closing. Some roads are also inaccessible to traffic, which is further impacting the delivery of items. As a result, items destined for Malaysia may face delays until further notice.

  • Macao - January 6, 2023

    Macao Post advises that due to COVID-19 developments, delivery of letters, parcels and express mail service items is currently subject to delays.

  • El Salvador - November 16, 2022

    El Salvador Post has informed that the heavy rainful has ceased and postal operations have resumed as normal.

  • Aruba - November 16, 2022

    Aruba Post has updated that the postal strike is over and normal operation has resumed.

  • United Kingdom - November 11, 2022

    All Industrial Action has been cancelled over the next 2 weeks. However the CWU have announced Industrial Action on the following dates: 48 hours from 0400 Thursday 24th of November until 0400 Saturday 26th of November 48 hours from 0400 Wednesday 30th of November until 0400 Friday 2nd of December

  • Thailand - November 9, 2022

    Thailand Post has provided an update that the following list of postcode areas are still are impacted by flooding from tropical storm Noru: 13XXX and 34XXX

  • Hong Kong - November 9, 2022

    Hong Kong Post informed that a cyclone warning relating to Tropical Storm Nalgae was issued on the 2nd of November 2022. The processing and conveyance of all items was disrupted, impacting quality of service for all services. The Post will provide an update when available.

  • Greece - November 9, 2022

    Hellenic Post of Greece has informed that the Confederation of the Greek workers and the Association of the Civil Servants have announced a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, the 9th of November. Air traffic controllers have also announced a 6 hour work stoppage from 10:00 to 16:00 (local time). As a result, delays are to be expected during and immediately after the strike period.

  • Ukraine - October 31, 2022

    Ukraine Post has updated that the country’s infrastructure has suffered severe damage. The attacks on the power grid and local energy facilities are necessitating rolling power cuts lasting from one to four hours. In some cases, following a direct missile strike, power may be cut off for several days in certain areas. In areas without active hostilities, all Ukrposhta post offices will remain open. In places with up to 24 hours power outage, Ukrposhta employees will hand out postal items and pay out money orders and upload the delivery data into the system at a later stage, once power and Internet access are restored. Sorting facilities are equipped with electricity generators to ensure uninterrupted work and maintain normal customs and sorting procedures. However, operationally there may be delays. Therefore, delays should continue to be expected for items destined to Ukraine until further notice.