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Expediting Delivery of Business Mail

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In a competitive business environment, organizations must find ways to expand market reach. Targeted business mail is still a very effective tool when processing and delivery is professionally managed. IMEX Global Solutions provides end-to-end innovative and cost-effective solutions for mailing letters and flats to customers and potential customers around the world.

IMEX takes time to understand your operation and how to best implement a system that enhances the effectiveness of your business mail operation. A custom-designed program features a number of advanced resources IMEX Global Solutions has spent years developing.

  • Use of proprietary software, such as our PostTrac web-based management tool, allows clients to quickly track and invoice international postage costs, create manifests and bills of lading, and generate reports.
  • Our employees work directly with the TSA to ensure compliance and safe, secure, and reliable delivery.
  • We create programs that provide both Priority (4-10 days) and Standard (7-20 days) delivery options.
  • Automated sortation equipment improves processing time, accuracy, and reliability.

Utilizing Postal Direct and Direct Entry Services, our clients’ global final mile customers receive materials that look and feel culturally familiar to them. This gives your mail the appearance as if it were produced within that country and improves response rates.

IMEX cooperates with local postal authorities and agencies to give U.S. originated mail and marketing materials a foreign indicia. The application of a local postmark results in:

  • Easy injection directly into the foreign mail stream
  • Higher Response Rates
  • Increased Revenue
  • Greater Customer Acquisition and Retention

By applying industry experience and specialized knowledge, strong partnerships with foreign postal authorities and state-of-the-art technology IMEX Global Solutions can expedite delivery of your business mail and make it more effective.

Contact Us to learn how IMEX can enhance the effectiveness of your business mail operation. We will help you grow and exceed your expectations.