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(within the USA)

Dimensional Weight

Calculation for International Parcels

Calculation for Domestic Parcels
Dimensional Weight Domestic Packages

*If the dimensional weight is higher than the actual weight, the dimensional weight will be charged.

Metric Conversion

  • Ounces to Grams, Multiply Ounces by 28.349
  • Grams to Ounces, Divide Grams by 28.349
  • Grams to Kilos, Divide Grams by 1000
  • Kilos to Grams, Multiply Kilos by 1000
  • Pounds to Kilo, Multiply Kilos by 2.2046
  • Kilos to Pounds, Divide Pounds by 2.2046
  • Pounds to Ounces, Multiply Pounds by 16
  • Ounces to Pounds, Divide Ounces by 16